Just like the beginnings of the formation of most formal Groups and Associations, serious semi-formal preliminary discussions regarding the formation of a very dynamic and sustainable Ewe Association in the Greater Boston area started in the summer of 2013, in Roslindale, MA.

This meeting of a very small number of interested Ewes in the Greater Boston area was preceded by several informal phone and face to face conversations between friends on the need to form an Association to bring Ewes in the area together.

The pros and cons of the formation was discussed at length during these informal deliberations. The untimely dissolution of earlier Ewe Association in the area weighed heavily on the minds of the floaters of this new venture. There were as expected, foot dragging and nay-sayings but the quest to identify and scout would be interested, engaged and committed members and leaders continued but at a slow pace.

After several backs and forth, full interest, half-interest and no interest by some people contacted during the informal deliberations, an increasing number of highly motivated individuals began to emerge.

The discussions regarding the formation of the Ewe Association, took place at any gathering where these few motivated individuals interact with others e.g. funerals, birthday parties, graduation parties, out-doorings, conventions etc.

After about a year and half of no serious moves on formally establishing the Association and a great lull in deliberations, three (3) core persons decided not to the let the idea die. They continue to float the idea to any Ewe willing to listen and eventually, an informal meeting was called and attended by fifteen (15) would be members in Roslindale, MA.

At this gathering, the formation of the Association was given another serious consideration. The overwhelming advantages of forming the Association became apparent to all present at the meeting though there were still some lingering reservations. The meeting concluded by unanimously agreeing to give the formation of the Association a big push and see how things will play out. Great decision day, Sunday, December 29, 2013.



“Mi na miawoe woanyo” 



Mr. Patrick Mancha Sossou
President Of EAGB


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